Key insights to combat the public sector’s rising cybersecurity threat

The power of SASE: combatting the rising cybersecurity threat facing the public sector

The way public sector organisations protect themselves has had to change over the past few years. Developments such as hybrid working and the move to cloud to enable productive work from anywhere, now means the protection on-premise firewalls provided organisations is no longer enough.

As a result, the shift to cloud computing has significantly widened public organisation’s attack surface, incentivising cybercriminals to prioritise them as targets. That’s why protecting the public sector in the age of cloud requires new tools and approaches.

In this report, we deep-dive into how threat actors infiltrate public sector organisations, delving into each step of the process and the gaps criminals exploit to gain a foothold in your network to either conduct extortion techniques or extract data.

We also explore the many benefits of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), explaining how it works and breaking down exactly how it provides organisations with a dynamic way of remaining protected.

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