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Harvard University Scientists Develop Human-Like Face for Robots Using Cultured Human Cells

In a state-of-the-art laboratory at Harvard University, researchers have achieved a significant…

John Connor John Connor

Key Genes Linked to DNA Damage and Disease

The blueprint of life, our genome, is under constant threat from various…

Josh Hatton Josh Hatton

Revolutionizing Hydrogel Creation with Computer-Designed Proteins: Bridging the Gap in Biomedical Innovation

Hydrogels, with their unique ability to mimic the cellular environment, have emerged…

Conal Cram Conal Cram

UTA’s $1.1M NSF Grant Boosts Health Math Research: A Leap in Interdisciplinary Innovation

The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) has embarked on a pioneering…

Conal Cram Conal Cram

Coave Therapeutics Boosts Genetic Medicine with Elite Advisory Board & ALIGATER™ Platform

Introducing the New Scientific Advisory Board at Coave Therapeutics October 12, 2023…

Conal Cram Conal Cram

Explore BioVerse: BioLizard’s New AI-Powered Platform Transforming Life Sciences R&D

In the rapidly evolving world of life sciences, innovation and technology walk…

Conal Cram Conal Cram

Breakthrough ‘Future-proof’ Vaccine Targets All Covid-19 Variants

In the ever-evolving battle against Covid-19, the University of Cambridge and spin-out…

Conal Cram Conal Cram

BiologIC Technologies Unveils World’s First Biocomputer: A Revolution in Biotechnology

Biotechnology firm BiologIC Technologies is trailblazing the dawn of a new era…

Conal Cram Conal Cram

COVID Treatment Course – Machine Learning Is Making Waves

Can Docs Use Machine Learning to Determine COVID Treatment Course? COVID-19 is…

Sam Taylor Sam Taylor

Synthetic Cell Receptors Are Now a Reality

Designing synthetic receptors for precise cell control It's hard to imagine a…

Sam Taylor Sam Taylor