Pioneer Group Greenlights Lab Space Expansion for Glasgow Startup

Conal Cram
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Glasgow’s tech scene is primed for a major boost as UK property developer, Pioneer Group, announces plans to construct a 72,800 square foot Glasgow startup lab space at its BioCity Glasgow campus. This development comes in response to the surging demand for premium lab space amongst startups, scaleups, and significant life science companies in the region.

Pioneer Group Venture into a BioCity Hub

Securing planning permission, the new lab development aims to provide much-needed facilities to the burgeoning Scottish biotech industry. The industry has successfully raised £253m over the last five years, as revealed by a report from Pioneer Group.

John Mackenzie, director, Scotland at Pioneer Group, commented on the importance of the new development. He said:

“Providing suitable accommodation for scale-ups is crucial. Modern biotech and tech bio companies have high standards for lab space and amenities, and crucially they demand proximity to life science cluster locations to support hiring the best and brightest talent.”

A Boost for the Scotland Tech Industry

This upcoming lab space stands as a testament to Pioneer Group’s continued expansion into Scotland. According to Mackenzie, this will bolster the country’s ability to “retain, as well as attract, startup companies and talent.

The news is set to invigorate the Scottish tech sector, which is already recognised as one of the most exciting emerging tech hubs to watch.

Scotland: The New Tech Frontier

This development follows a recent announcement from London-based fintech ZIPZERO, revealing its plans to shift its headquarters to Aberdeen. The CEO described Scotland as “the most fertile land for UK tech”.

With such exciting advancements, Scotland, and particularly Glasgow, are primed to become the new frontrunners in the tech sector. The Glasgow startup lab space, coupled with Pioneer Group’s other major lab space expansion projects in Cardiff and Kent, are sure to spur further development and innovation within the industry.

The Greenlight from Pioneer Group

The green light for the Glasgow startup lab space marks a significant moment for the Scottish biotech sector. As Glasgow cements its place as a leading tech hub, we can only expect to see more innovative developments from the region. We’re excited to witness the growth and progression that this will inevitably lead to.

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