Genome Medical Boosts Genomics with Clinical-Grade Data for Better Trial Matching

Discover how Genome Medical enhances patient care by using clinical-grade data and AI to match patients with clinical trials for rare and chronic diseases.

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Genome Medical is transforming the field of genomics by making genetics care accessible and actionable through seven-day-a-week access to genetic services. By leveraging specially formatted clinical-grade data, Genome Medical can now identify clinical trial patients more efficiently, particularly those with ultra-rare diseases or complex clinical requirements.

Expanding Genomic Medicine

Genome Medical partners with health systems, molecular testing laboratories, and life sciences organizations to expand the practice and impact of genomic medicine, ultimately improving patient care. This expansion includes supporting biopharmaceutical organizations in accelerating the design, development, and launch of life-enhancing therapeutics.

Clinical-Grade Formatted Data

To enhance its capabilities, Genome Medical collaborates with xCures, a vendor that transforms diverse medical data into a streamlined, clinical-grade format. This data augmentation allows for more comprehensive patient clinical histories, which include diagnoses, medications, and prior treatments.

“Partnering with xCures provided us an opportunity to help our partners further accelerate clinical trials by identifying clinically qualified trial participants,” said Jill Davies, CEO of Genome Medical.

AI-Powered Patient Matching

With patient consent, Genome Medical accesses medical records via health information exchanges and a secure search platform. AI algorithms then apply inclusion/exclusion (I/E) criteria to uncover eligible patients for specified clinical trials. This approach has already yielded significant results in identifying participants for both ultra-rare and common chronic diseases.

Telehealth Genetic Specialists Network

Genome Medical boasts the largest national network of telehealth genetic specialists, covering a spectrum of clinical specialties. This network is pivotal in navigating patients through the diagnostic journey to find suitable clinical trials or genetic therapies.

Successful Use Cases

Genome Medical’s success stories include:

  • Identifying seven eligible patients for a clinical trial targeting an ultra-rare disease affecting one in 70,000-100,000 people.
  • Matching 161 patients for a chronic disease trial with complex criteria.
  • Finding 33 patients for an oncology trial needing specific genetic markers.

Patient Engagement and Clinical Expertise

During the patient intake process, Genome Medical offers the option to be recontacted if a relevant clinical trial is identified. This comprehensive approach ensures that eligible patients are informed and enrolled swiftly, typically within two weeks.

“Taking advantage of available clinical data and technology is critical for the advancement of successful clinical trials, but even with AI, there needs to be the inclusion of the human element – for care quality and for patient engagement,” Davies advised.

How Will Genomics Shape the Future of Healthcare?

Genome Medical is making significant strides in genomics by using clinical-grade data and AI to improve patient matching for clinical trials. Their innovative approach not only accelerates the trial process but also enhances patient care through detailed clinical histories and genetic counseling services. As they continue to expand their capabilities and partnerships, the impact on patient care and clinical research is expected to grow.

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