Former AstraZeneca Executive Dr. Hazel Jones Appointed CEO at Enhanc3D Genomics

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Enhanc3D Genomics has appointed former AstraZeneca executive, Dr. Hazel Jones, as its new CEO. Dr. Jones has been with the company as interim CEO and COO for the past six months, where she played a crucial role in transitioning Enhanc3D’s groundbreaking 3D genome mapping technology, GenLink3D, from development to practical application in research and development (R&D).

Leadership and Experience

Before joining Enhanc3D Genomics in November 2023, Dr. Jones held significant positions at AstraZeneca, including Executive Product Director of Clinical Data and Head of Business Planning and Operations in Oncology R&D. Her previous experience also includes serving as the Head of Combination Therapies at Cancer Research UK.

Dr. Jones’ extensive background in leading global business operations and executing strategic visions has been pivotal in her role at Enhanc3D. She has been instrumental in forming new connections and developing existing strategic partnerships, guiding the company’s global operations towards innovation and growth.

Enhanc3D Genomics’ Innovations

Under Dr. Jones’ leadership, Enhanc3D Genomics has advanced its GenLink3D technology, which provides detailed insights into long-distance gene regulation and disease pathways. This technology profiles 3D genome folding at high resolution, enabling the discovery of novel targets and biomarkers. Enhanc3D’s work in 3D genomics is poised to transform how diseases are understood and treated, providing complete genome connectivity to disease pathways.

Strategic Vision and Partnerships

During her tenure as interim CEO and COO, Dr. Jones oversaw Enhanc3D’s global operations and strategic partnerships. Her efforts have been instrumental in transitioning the company’s 3D genomics platform towards full commercialization. Enhanc3D Genomics aims to leverage 3D genomics to identify novel disease genes, reveal mechanisms of drug action, and stratify patients, thereby optimizing and de-risking the drug discovery process.

Dr. Jones expressed her gratitude and excitement upon her appointment:

“My time as COO and interim CEO has been highly rewarding, and I am now honoured and excited to have been appointed to continue to lead Enhanc3D Genomics as CEO. I am grateful for the trust placed in me by the board and look forward to continuing to lead the company through our pivotal transition period to full commercialization of our 3D genomics platform.”

Statements from Leadership

Chairman Dr. Chris Torrance added:

“We’re thrilled to officially appoint Hazel as CEO. Her guidance as COO and interim CEO has been instrumental in driving Enhanc3D Genomics’ global operations, forming new connections, and developing existing strategic partnerships. On behalf of the board, I congratulate Hazel and look forward to continuing to work with her during this exciting phase for the company.”

What Does the Future Hold?

Dr. Hazel Jones’ appointment as CEO marks a significant milestone for Enhanc3D Genomics. Her leadership and expertise are set to propel the company forward, driving innovations in 3D genome mapping and expanding its global impact. As Enhanc3D Genomics continues to advance its technology and partnerships, the future looks promising for groundbreaking discoveries in genomics.

We invite our readers to share their thoughts on this exciting development in the comments below. How do you think Dr. Jones’ leadership will shape the future of Enhanc3D Genomics?

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

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