Myricx Bio Unveils NMTi-ADC: A Groundbreaking Innovation in Cancer Treatment

Conal Cram
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In a significant stride towards innovative cancer treatment, Myricx Bio has unveiled compelling preclinical data validating NMTi-ADC as a game-changing ADC payload class. The UK biotech company is garnering attention for its novel approach to combating solid tumours, a breakthrough that is setting a new benchmark in oncological research.

Unravelling NMTi-ADC’s Potential

At the 14th Annual World ADC Conference in San Diego, Myricx Bio is presenting in vivo efficacy data for its proprietary NMTi-ADC platform and pipeline. Built upon potent small molecule NMT inhibitors (NMTi), the NMTi-ADCs, including B7-H3-NMTi, TROP2-NMTi, and HER2-NMTi, have demonstrated complete and durable tumour regressions in aggressive prostate and breast cancer models.

Myricx’s payload platform is based on proprietary potent small molecule NMT inhibitors (NMTi),” said Dr Robin Carr, CEO of Myricx Bio, highlighting the foundation of this innovative treatment.

Demonstrated Efficacy

B7-H3-NMTi has shown promise in treating aggressive prostate cancer, while TROP2-NMTi has proven effective against breast cancer. HER2-NMTi has not only demonstrated complete efficacy but also showcased an encouraging tolerability profile in rodents and non-human primates. These findings have positioned NMTi-ADC as a formidable force against cancers, refractory to traditional treatments.

Dr Carr expressed confidence in the platform, stating:

“The preclinical data generated by our three NMTi-ADCs give us confidence that the NMTi payload platform has the potential to deliver an important new ADC payload class in the treatment of solid tumours.”

About Myricx Bio

Myricx Bio, a spinout from Imperial College London and the Francis Crick Institute, is a beacon of innovation in the biotech landscape. With investment backing from Sofinnova Partners and Brandon Capital Partners, the company is steadfastly advancing a pipeline of ADCs, addressing the unmet needs in oncology.

Concluding Thoughts

The unveiling of NMTi-ADC by Myricx Bio marks a pivotal moment in cancer research and treatment. As we continue to witness advancements in biotechnology, the promising results of NMTi-ADC offer a glimpse into a future where the battle against cancer could tilt in favour of humanity. It underscores the profound impact of relentless innovation and research, echoing a sentiment of hope, resilience, and triumph against one of the most daunting health challenges of our times.

We invite our readers to delve into this breakthrough and join the conversation. How do you perceive the future of cancer treatment with innovations like NMTi-ADC? Share your insights and perspectives in the comments below.

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