Coave Therapeutics Boosts Genetic Medicine with Elite Advisory Board & ALIGATER™ Platform

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Introducing the New Scientific Advisory Board at Coave Therapeutics

October 12, 2023 — Coave Therapeutics, a genetic medicine company, made an awe-inspiring announcement that signifies a giant leap in the quest to develop transformative therapies. The Paris-based firm has unveiled a newly formed Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), consisting of esteemed leaders globally acknowledged for their contributions in gene therapy, neurological diseases, and vector technologies. This initiative promises to bolster Coave’s reputation, especially with the remarkable ALIGATER™ platform at the forefront of their innovation.

Coave’s Revolutionary ALIGATER™ Platform

The ALIGATER™ platform stands as a beacon of innovation in the dynamic landscape of genetic medicine. By introducing chemical modifications onto AAV capsids or Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs), it has triumphed over the limitations that once impeded the efficacy, safety, and manufacturability of current vectors. Coave Therapeutics is not just leading the transition of genetic medicine from rare to prevalent conditions but is also pioneering solutions for neurodegenerative and eye diseases.

A Closer Look at the Expert Team

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome our exceptional Scientific Advisory Board to the Coave team,” exclaimed Lolita Petit, CSO of Coave Therapeutics.

The SAB is a mosaic of world-renowned experts like Olivier Danos, Alain Wagner, Anne des Rieux, and others, each boasting profound contributions to genetic medicine, gene therapy, and neurosciences.

Their role is instrumental in nurturing Coave’s R&D strategy, their expert scientific and clinical guidance steering the ALIGATER™ platform to newer heights and broader horizons.

Their presence will undoubtedly catalyze our growth and move us closer to our mission of transforming the lives of patients with limited treatment options,” Petit added.

Transforming Genetic Medicine

With the ALIGATER™ platform’s enhanced transduction and biodistribution capabilities, Coave is on a trajectory to redefine treatment modalities for both rare and prevalent diseases. The SAB’s collective expertise and insight are expected to not only refine this platform but also explore its expansive potential in the realm of viral and non-viral vector-based therapeutics.

About Coave Therapeutics

Founded with a vision to transform genetic medicine, Coave Therapeutics is turning the tides, particularly for neurodegenerative and eye diseases. Backed by leading international life sciences investors and headquartered in Paris, Coave continues to be a nexus where cutting-edge technology and innovative genetic solutions converge. For an in-depth look at their science, pipeline, and the brains behind the operations, visit Coave’s official website.

In Summary

As Coave Therapeutics embarks on this exciting journey, the amalgamation of the new Scientific Advisory Board and the revolutionary ALIGATER™ platform marks the dawn of an era where genetic medicine transcends conventional boundaries. Each stride made and every innovation unveiled is a testament to Coave’s unwavering commitment to transforming lives and introducing therapies that echo hope and resilience.

We invite you to share your thoughts and insights on this development. How do you perceive the future of genetic medicine unfolding with these advancements? Join the conversation below and let’s explore the boundless possibilities together!

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