BiologIC Technologies Unveils World’s First Biocomputer: A Revolution in Biotechnology

Conal Cram
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Biotechnology firm BiologIC Technologies is trailblazing the dawn of a new era with the creation of the world’s first BiologIC Technologies biocomputer. A marvel of modern science, the biocomputer is a ground-breaking device, crafted from highly integrated fluidic bioprocessing chips akin to computer chips. This transformative innovation is set to redefine biological processing, opening the gateway to future drug development and manufacturing.

BiologIC Pioneers A New Era In Biotechnology

Located in the heart of the UK’s tech hub, Cambridge, BiologIC is much more than just an inventor. The company actively collaborates with commercial partners to expedite the process of advanced biological product design, optimization, and manufacturing. A significant portion of their ground-breaking work involves the creation of lab-on-a-chip platforms. These chip platforms which have revolutionized the development and production of affordable pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

The Biocomputer: More Than Just A Machine

The biocomputer’s versatility extends to running a plethora of advanced biological processes across diverse applications. BiologIC’s Chief Scientific Officer, Colin Barker, described the biocomputer as essentially a lab in a box, capable of reprogramming to run various applications, from growing cells for cell therapies to manufacturing food.

We designed the hardware using inspiration from the semiconductor industry, mapping out each unit operation of a lab workflow and understanding the parameters and attributes before encoding them into devices that carry out each step of the workflow. The workflows can be reprogrammed by software to use different hardware devices in different ways,” explained Barker.

Shaping The Future Of Drug Development And Manufacturing

In a quest to manifest the “desktop computer of life sciences,” BiologIC identified 3D printing as a transformative solution. Their investment in a Stratasys J826 Prime 3D printer, a full-color, multi-material printer, facilitated the creation of an innovative “bioprocessing unit.” This development is a testament to the role of 3D printing in biotechnology.

BiologIC: The Biocomputer Revolution Begins

BiologIC’s biocomputer ushers in a transformative period in the field of biological processing. This innovative system, complete with software programmability and additive manufacturing methods, is set to make game-changing contributions to the future of drug development and manufacturing. It’s not just about making biology work for us, but rather about integrating biology with technology in ways never imagined before.

We can’t wait to see what else the BiologIC Technologies biocomputer has in store for us! What do you think about this revolutionary device? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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