Asimov: The Startup Pioneering Biological Design

Daniel Patrick
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Asimov are the 21st-century startup of genetic engineering. Armed with a library of genetic components and cutting-edge software, their mission is to empower biotech builders of the future to create life-changing solutions and propel society on the molecular level.

A New Era for Genetic Design

Asimov was founded by Chris Voigt of MIT and Doug Densmore of Boston University. Together, they set out to fulfil their aim of equipping scientists with tools they felt were missing from laboratories they worked in.

Their goal is to integrate state-of-the-art synthetic biology in laboratories, using computational tools and customisable, modular biological parts.

These tools are transferred to laboratories, where scientists can build cell populations. These can then be used to test vaccine production, drug metabolism, antibody production, gene function, artificial tissues and synthesis of biological compounds such as therapeutic proteins.

Computer Aided Biology

Asimov provides a comprehensive suite of tools and resources for genetic designers. This includes engineered host cells for therapeutic production, a library of genetic parts, cloud-based software and analytics.

These parts and platforms work together to facilitate designing and optimising genetic systems, broadening biological understanding and ensuring advanced quality control.

Asimov recognises the challenges associated with designing DNA sequences that reliably alter cells. Therefore, their team plays a vital role in translating design concepts into DNA sequences and genome alterations.

Their team is made up of synthetic biologists and computer programmers, who ensure the development of optimised protocols and provide technical guidance for their platform.

Lego for Genetic Engineers

Their approach masterfully boils a dauntingly complex discipline down to building blocks for scientists, as beautifully illustrated on their website.

Their tools are similar to the new wave of home test kits now available. Anyone can order these to do blood tests which they can get personalised feedback and recommendations for on a dashboard.

What is beneficial about these packages is the accessibility and simplification of the technology, which will help enhance our collective understanding of human health and accelerate advancements in healthcare.

Watch their presentation from Bioprocessing International Europe 2023 in Amsterdam: Integrating synthetic biology and computer-aided design to advance biologics production in CHO cells.

Working with Asimov

There are two ways you can work with Asimov. You can have their platform transferred to your lab, with all the host cells, software and other tools you need to create cell lines. Or they build your requirements in their own lab and ship them directly to you.

Asimov’s Process

The process employed by Asimov, from designing and simulating genetic systems to optimising and analysing them, is data-driven, leveraging computational models and advanced measurement technologies.

This approach transcends trial and error, allowing for the rapid advancement of genetic systems. Paving the way for breakthroughs in various fields, including molecular medicine, materials science and environmental remediation.

Investment and Partnerships

Asimov is currently supported by esteemed investors and research agencies, and actively seeks partnerships to fulfil its mission of advancing the design of living systems and promoting biotechnologies.

Interested parties, therefore, are encouraged to connect with Asimov’s business development team to explore collaboration opportunities.

Building the Future Cell by Cell

Asimov’s pioneering approach, innovative technologies, and commitment to advancing genetic design and engineering positions them as a trailblazer in the biotech industry. With the potential to transform healthcare, materials science and environmental sustainability.

Their work sets the stage for a future where the design of living systems will drive remarkable advancements, improving the quality of life for individuals and society as a whole.

Expect to see Asimov collaborating with industry-leading biotech companies in the near future, all of which you can read about here.

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